How Smart Companies Use Green Design for Positive Returns

Greener Products for Leaner Times
In today’s challenging economy, companies that can align environmental innovation with affordability to bring green products to the mainstream have a clear competitive advantage. How are successful companies designing greener products with little or no price premium? Join us at Greener By Design 2009 to see who’s innovating, who’s succeeding, how they’re producing products that aren’t just greener, but better — and how you can put these strategies to work in your company.

Learn how consumer package goods companies are rethinking product formulations and delivery systems to reduce costs and improve quality
See the next generation of products and packaging based on cutting-edge “green chemistry”
Discover the metrics companies are using to assess materials, choose suppliers, and measure success
Meet key players from some of world’s best-known companies, including hundreds of brand managers, business strategists, sustainability officers, marketing directors, product designers, materials sourcing experts, and many others for the most comprehensive dialog about innovation and profitability in the industry.

Can You Afford to Go Green?
Green innovation isn’t about creating premium products for upscale audiences. it’s about cutting costs, improving efficiency, improving quality, reducing risk, and retaining customers — ingredients for success in any economy, but critical during today’s tough times. As leadership companies understand the many ways green product development can drive business value the real question isn’t whether you can afford to do it. It’s whether you you can afford not to!

Greener By Design 2009 gives you the tools, insight, and inspiration to improve your company’s bottom line through product innovation and green design techniques that work even during tough economic times. Key session topics will include:
Innovation Matters: Case studies from leading companies that have turned green innovation into a business strategy.
Simple, Lighter, Smaller: How companies are designing (and redesigning) for simplicity, cost savings, and source reduction.
Packaging Outside the Box: New strategies and materials for reducing packaging costs and footprint.
The New Metrics of Design: How companies are using product scorecards and other tools to measure, track, and improve products’ environmental attributes.
And it’s not just talking heads. You’ll participate in hands-on innovation sessions, meet with experts in small-group consultative sessions, and see demonstrations of new materials and tools you can put to work today.

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What Attendees Say
“The openness and candor from innovators in the green manufacturing movement will help us advance more quickly than trying to develop it all ourselves.”
— Jim Plucker, Manager, Architectural Services, Hearth and Home Technologies, Inc.

“I’ve been in this industry for almost 30 years and by far this conference is heads and tails above anything I’ve been involved with, both focusing on consumer packaging and sustainability packaging.”
— Tracy Blake, President, Blake Packaging Products, Inc.

“Greener by Design has certainly been an eye opening experience, a very practical approach to greening the corporate world and private business.”
— Steve Bradfield, Corporate Director of Environmental Development, Shaw Industries

Keynote Speakers

William McDonough
Founding Principal
McDonough + Partners

Tom Szaky
Founder and CEO

Featured Speakers

Mark Aggar
Director of
Technology Strategy
Microsoft Corp.

Chhaya Bhanti
Sustainability and
Design Strategist

Dr. Joseph Fiksel
Executive Director of
the Center for
Ohio State University

Wendy Jedlicka
Jedlicka Design

Uri Kogan
Program Manager,
Global Supply Chain
Social & Environmental
Hewlett Packard

Amnon Levav
SIT International

Dr. Richard Liroff
Executive Director
Investor Environmental
Health Network

Adam Lowry
Co-Founder and
Chief Greenskeeper
Method Products, Inc.

Angela R. Nahikian
Director of Global
Steelcase Inc.

James Sullivan
Vice President of
Advisory Services
Clear Standards

Terry Swack
Sustainable Minds

Rand Waddoups
Senior Director of
Business Strategy
and Sustainability